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shadow Facial treatment

Getting ready for your big party?  Want to get the heads turned to you? Look no further. Yes, we know you are naturally beautiful so what we will do is enhance your beauty with the right facial and treatments that would get the girls jealous and the boys, crazy!

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Children under 10 must be accompanied by their parents or by an adult


We all want clear skin, but aging, sun damage, and other factors can cause frustrating imperfections. Taking care of your skin can keep it looking you and reverse damage that causes fine lines, wrinkles, and other imperfections. One of the most relaxing and luxurious ways to treat your skin well is with Facials at Laser Infinite Beauty.

Is a facial right for me?

Facials provide effective acne fighting and anit-aging benefits for men and women of all ages. Our Facial technicians begin every facial with a careful analysis of your skin. We’ll use different high end products depending on a number of factors including existing damage, skin sensitivity, and pigmentation. This allows us to provide a customized facial that’s built around your individual needs. Just like you, every skin type is unique, for the best results your facial should be too.

How long is a facial?

Standard facials provide a 60-minute treatment that include neck, arm, and hand massages for a relaxing and restorative experience. For those looking for a faster option we also offer express 30 minute facial treatments. These provide a quicker alternative when you want a healthier, younger looking skin in a shorter timeframe. Don’t wait any longer, call (703) 866-0181 and book your appointment!

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